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Monastiraki Square in Athens. Photograph: Why Athens


When: May & June 2020

Lockdown measures across Athens are in the process of easing with the Greek government pursuing a program of staggered re-opening of public spaces and services to maintain the health and safety of its citizens. The Greek tourism season is due to officially open on 15 June 2020.


From 4 May, restrictions on non-essential movement were lifted. The public is permitted to leave their homes without permits or notifying authorities, but are urged to continue to observe social distancing.

From 4 May, a small group of retail stores – including bookstores, sports stores, hairdressers and beauty salons (by appointment) and KETO utilities outposts re-opened.

From 17 May, churches with daily services resumed.

From 11 May, all other retail may open. Driving schools may resume.

From 18 May, Parks, botanical gardens, archaeological sites, zoos and OPAP betting facilities will open.

From 18 May, shopping malls re-opened. The public will be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing. 

Travel Advice Athens Plaka

Tourists in the streets of Plaka, Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

From 25 May, restaurants, bars and coffee shops will be allowed to open and must provide table distancing with a maximum of four people to a table.

From 1 June, open-air athletic courts will open however gyms and children’s playgrounds will remain closed.

From 1 June, open-air cinemas will open with social distancing measures.

From 1 June, Year-round hotels will be allowed to open. Hostels will remain closed until further notice.

From 15 June, seasonal Hotels will open.

From 15 June, museums will open.

Why Athens Tip: **We await clear directives regarding the cultural agenda in Athens including festivals, theatre productions and concerts.


Transport in Athens

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Taxis will continue to be restricted to carry no more than one passenger per vehicle unless travelling as a family. You can pre-book taxis and transfers to the airport and seaports for convenience.

Privately owned cars will now be allowed to carry two passengers.

The government recommends for citizens to move around in private cars where possible in an aim to contain the virus and to reduce public transport congestion.

Ferry services between the islands and the mainland will resume on 25 May for all travellers. Social distancing measures and health surveys are required to board a ferry. You can search for available services and seek advice here.

From 4 May public transport re-commenced operations with more frequent schedules planned during peak times to allow for social distancing.

A flight ban remains in place for all non-EU nationals to be reviewed again by 31 May.

On 15 June, International flights will resume into Athens Airport and from 1 July international flights will resume throughout the rest of the Greek mainland and the islands.


You can access emergency telephone numbers and essential travel information for Athens here. 

Further updates to this page will be provided as official information issued by the Greek government comes to hand.

Current as of 21 May 2020.