Electra Orestes Epidaurus Theatre Athens Festival

ELECTRA & ORESTES by Euripides – Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Where: Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
When: 26 & 27 July 2019
Why Go: See two of Euripides’ plays brought together at once

This production of Electra & Orestes at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus forms part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival programme for 2019.

Belgian theatre director Ivo van Hove brings together two of Euripides plays, telling the story of Electra and Orestes and more specifically how the two siblings reunite and make a pact to take revenge against their mother, Clytemnestra and her lover, Aegisthus.

Electra Orestes Epidaurus Theatre Athens Festival

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus during a performance. Photograph: Thomas Daskalakis/NTG

Electra and Orestes are brother and sister. Young, hurt, fragile and vulnerable they turn into savage beasts. They never really knew their father, who left when they were little to serve as the commander of the Greek army during the Trojan War. They think of their mother, Clytemnestra, as the enemy and of their family home as the battleground.

A collaborative project between the Athens & Epidaurus Festival and Comédie-Française, one of the most famous and oldest active theatres in the world, performing for the first time at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Produced by Comédie-Française.

Why Athens Tip: The performance will be performed in Greek with English subtitles.

Electra Orestes Epidaurus Festival Tickets


Epidaurus theatre is located at Palea Epidaurus in the region of Argolis. It is approximately a two and a half hour drive from Athens. Why Athens offers transfers to the theatre and back to the centre of Athens exclusively on performance nights (June – August 2019) for 59 euros per person return. BOOK YOUR TRANSFER HERE and enjoy an ancient Greek play under the stars in Epidaurus. LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE.

Electra Orestes Epidaurus Theatre Athens Festival

ABOUT Comédie-Française

Founded in 1680 by Molière’s company of actors, Comédie-Française breathes life into a classical and modern repertoire, both French and international, cutting across 3,000 works by over 800 writers.


The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is regarded as the best preserved ancient theatres in Greece, famous for its perfect acoustics. Constructed in the late 4th century BC, it has a capacity of more than 12,000 spectators.


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