Lycabettus Theatre Athens
The old Lycabettus Theatre sitting on the veranda of Athens. Photograph: Milan Gonda/SStock

Lycabettus Theatre

One of Athens’ great hallmarks for music and theatre opens once more after a 15-year closure


The large open-air Lycabettus theatre will re-open for the Athenian Autumn in 2023, following a 15-year hiatus. Located near the car park of Lycabettus Hill, the 3000-seat outdoor venue has undergone a complete revamp, bringing it back as the exemplary cultural landmark of Athens it once was.

Having hosted more than 1000 concerts during its 43-years in operation, the iconic theatre boasts panoramic views over the city, perched on a landing just below the summit of Lycabettus Hill.

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Lycabettus Theatre Athens

A stunning vista and atmosphere awaits at Lycabettus Theatre. Photograph: Why Athens

Designed by visionary architect Takis Zenetos, the theatre was erected over an old quarry, appearing as an imposing steel structure, perched on Lycabettus Hill like a flying saucer, adding a new dimension to the rocky outcrop and landscape of Athens.

The venue originally opened in the summer of 1965, thanks largely to the pioneering efforts of Greek actress Anna Synodinou, who envisioned a modern amphitheatre for Athens. She starred in its first performance of Sophocles’ Antigone and since then Lycabettus theatre has hosted an array of international and Greek stars including the late Tina Turner, James Brown, Mikis Theodorakis, Haris Alexiou among others.

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