Athens Riviera Vouliagmeni Galasio Taverna
Waterfront table at Galasio seafood taverna along the Athens Riviera. Photograph: Why Athens

Sightseeing in Athens

Sightseeing in Athens shouldn’t be limited to a roll call of sites and ancient ruins. It should also be about enjoying modern Athenian life. We’ve included our ‘Leisure’ category for that very reason, to ensure you have a full experience of the city and give you some other ways of exploring Athens; whether its sailing along the Athenian Riviera or relaxing at one of the beautiful coastal beaches. We are constantly updating our information as we come across new and worthy ways to experience Athens.

Athens day trips

Signing up to a day tour will allow you to cover a lot of territory and explore Athens in a different way. Whether it’s a wine tasting, or a photography tour, we have selected only the best cultural tours to discover modern Athenian life. The full day and half day sailing trips is the perfect way to get out on to the Aegean sea and explore the city’s coastline. Athens is one of the few cities in the world surrounded by sea and where you can access beautiful beaches within 20 minutes from the city centre. There are endless possibilities if you open your mind to the vastness of the city, as it expands and sprawls south to Sounio where you can spend the day swimming and eating at authentic seaside tavernas and at sunset, marvel at yet another of her magical temples; The Temple of Poseidon.

  • Kifissia Athens Shopping Guide

    A day out in Kifissia

    An ex-pat Briton and Kifissia local, maps out the lush, green suburb of northern Athens. Timeless charm and elegance are synonymous with Kifissia, one of the oldest and most beautiful suburbs of Athens. A 30-minute train ride from downtown, Kifissia has been a summer retreat for wealthy Athenians and philosophers since Roman times due to…

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  • Romvis Street Athens

    The centre of it all on Romvis Street

    Locals have traditionally come to Romvis Street and the surrounding area for the specialist haberdashery and fabric stores. Today, it attracts more than savvy fashion designers and brides to be. This small pedestrianised pocket in central Athens now has a new story to tell, one that offers dynamic food and drinks from breakfast through to dinner…

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  • Experiencing Athens Kuzina Restaurant

    Experiencing Athens, from tourist to local

    There was a time when I was a tourist in Athens. I would usually dedicate the last three days of my Greek holiday to the capital before making the painfully long journey back home to Australia. Three days was never enough, I often felt disappointed that I couldn’t conquer the city in that time and…

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  • What to do in Athens Greece

    What to do in Athens – beyond climbing the Acropolis

    Ancient and modern Athens co-exist in perfect harmony with each other. Wherever you stand in the Greek capital, the Parthenon will always be in view as a constant reminder of the city’s history and where it all began over two millennia ago. So after you’ve climbed to the top of the Acropolis and marvelled at…

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  • What to do in Athens,

    The House Project

    What & Where: An all day beach house open day and night in Glyfada
    Why Go: A great escape to recharge the batteries. Perfect for families and party-goers
    We Loved: The chill out rooms inside
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