Evzones Uniform Greek Soldier Athens
An Evzone standing guard outside the Presidential Palace. Photograph: Why Athens | Evzones Uniform - costume of an elite Greek Soldier

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What is Athens?

We explore the culture, trends and people that make up modern Athens today. With new ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, Athens is in the midst of a start-up movement. Our Athenian Stories and Video sections uncovers this new way of thinking that seems to be growing, spurring dynamic change in and around the city.

  • Modern Athens

    Modern Athens today

    When you look at modern Athens from above it’s a hotchpotch of boxy concrete blocks with bad patch up jobs. Redundant air conditioning systems and satellite dishes line the skyline perched upwards as if praying for an intervention. On the ground, it doesn’t improve. Broken narrow sidewalks force you to leave your sexy shoes at…

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  • Pie Works why athens

    Find it in Athens: In search of the best Greek Pies

    Why Athens discovers a new type of pie that goes beyond the traditional 'spanakopita' to making delicious meals wrapped in light, crispy pastry.

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  • Children of the Light by CALLIOPE

    Internationally accomplished Greek photographer Calliope Karvounis discusses her latest book Children of the Light with Why Athens, a portrait of Greece as Calliope sees it. Having lived most of her life overseas, Calliope captures Greece with a renewed vision and a special kind of love and appreciation that expanded after living away from home. Read more about Calliope Karvounis.

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  • fig salad recipe Greek Meze

    A refreshing fig salad recipe

    There is nothing quite like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs. They feature in Greek mythology often associated with Dionysus the god of wine. This refreshing fig salad recipe pairs ripe figs with tangy balsamic vinegar and drops of honey for a salad dish the ancients would no doubt devour.   Ingredients: 8-10 fresh figs…

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  • Dolmades recipe Greek Meze Why Athens City Guide Athenian Stories

    A tried and tested Dolmades recipe

    A perfect addition to any meze table, these delicate parcels are a true tribute to Greek flavours. The mint and cinnamon in this dolmades recipe lightens up the minced lamb. Serve with a good squeeze of lemon juice and a dollop of tzatziki for a moorish taste sensation. Serves 6-8 as part of a meze table…

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  • Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

    Getting retrosexual in Athens

    A vintage shop in the heart of Athens provides a pleasant departure back in time, away from the economic doom and gloom of recent times.

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