Athens Street Food Why Athens
Photograph: Why Athens | Athens Street Food

Best Street Food in Athens

The capital’s street food scene boasts some of the best food offerings in the city – if you know where to go. There are more choices than ever, so we decided it was time to put them all to the test and give you the round up of the tastiest bites around town.

  • Athens Street Food Why Athens

    Athens Street Food

    There is a food revolution going on in Athens and some of its best food can be found on the streets. From delectable homemade pies, mouthwatering souvlaki to a fish burger with a twist, here are six of our all time favourite food stops.

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  • Kostas best souvlaki in Athens

    Kostas souvlaki

    Where: Plaka/Syntagma
    Why Go: For the one of the best souvlaki spots in central Athens
    We Loved: The guilt-free taste sensation
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  • Greek Yogurt in Athens

    In search of the best Greek Yogurt in Athens

    I have been savouring Greek yogurt for as long as I can remember. Yogurt for me was a childhood moment of pure enjoyment. For many years, Greeks have been producing yogurt and it is this tradition that inspired me to write, The Real Greek Yogurt Book. My focus was on good quality traditional Greek yogurt. As I searched for the best Greek yogurt in Athens, I found myself in the historical centre, beneath the Acropolis, where I found two shops that were unbelievably unique.

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  • Loukoumades Greek dessert Athens


    Most European cultures have their version of doughnuts but I think the Greek dessert Loukoumades would have to be the most sinful. If you’re going to indulge then you might as well get the best. KTISTAKIS: Ktistakis, centrally located in Omonia, was established in 1912 and a favourite among Athenians. The Cretan recipe has been…

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  • Matsoukas why athens


    If there is one shop to go and get fully stocked up before you travel home, this is the place. Part wine cava, part sweet heaven, Matsoukas is an Athenian institution. Stock up on your Metaxa (Greek brandy) and glyka koutaliou (Greek preserved fruits jarred in sugary syrup). I challenge you to leave without a…

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  • Miran deli Why Athens

    Miran Deli

    Evripidou St in Psirri is lined with spice shops and gives a rare glimpse into old Athens. Miran deli was established in 1922 and its shop is worth a visit, at the very least for its photo value. Specialising in cured meats and in particular pastrami and soutzoukakia (tasty sausages), it also has a great range…

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  • Era Nuts Why Athens

    ERA Nuts

    Spice up your day with ERA Nuts, a concept store in the suburb of Kolonaki that offers an aromatic selection of herbs, dried fruits and nuts. Their beautifully packaged gift sets of honey and tea make perfect gifts or you can create your own pleasure boxes from their loose botanical offerings.

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