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  • Klotho Collection Crete Why Athens City Guide

    Through the thread of time with KLOTHO

    With a desire to support local designers and the talented artisans of Greece, we went in search of the people and brands who are producing things the old fashion way with a passion for craftsmanship. We found all of this and more in KLOTHO from Rethymno in Crete, who bring the cultural history and heritage…

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  • Klotho Crete Alexandra Theochari Why Athens

    KLOTHO restores an almost lost tradition from Crete

    Drawing inspiration from the traditional art of weaving in Crete, KLOTHO creates unique clothes, bags and objects using Cretan techniques combined with the motifs and patterns of classical Greece. Founder Alexandra Theohari brings her personal experience, passion and studies in Art History to reimagine Cretan woven fabrics and in the process, has reinvigorated an almost lost…

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  • Son of a beach Towels Greece

    ‘Sun of a Beach’, towels and accessories

    The summer beach routine is one of the most loved past times in Greece and so it’s only natural that it has been perfected and done in style by natives of the outdoor lifestyle. Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou of emerging brand Sun of a beach, have brought their memories of fun in the sun…

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  • Katerina Koskina National Museum of contemporary Art Athens

    The woman behind Athens’ new National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

    Katerina Koskina is the driving force behind the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST). A strong, bright, modern woman who is passionate about establishing the museum in the hearts of visitors and the citizens of Athens. As an art historian and now the director of the museum, she believes that contemporary art is a reflection…

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  • Savapile, why athens

    Find it in Athens: In search of the best handmade souvenirs

    Why Athens discovers the hidden workshop of Savapile who have been making hats since 1960. On the second floor of a white, graffiti sprayed building, you will find creative hat maker Lisa Sarigiannidou who learnt the trade of making Greek hats from her father.

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  • Athens Acropolis Pnyx Hill

    ATHENS : Highlights of 2016

    It’s been an extraordinary year capturing the many significant moments around Athens. Before we ring in the new year, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite pictures that tell the story of 2016 in Athens. From the unveiling of new modern structures, to lighting the Olympic flame, it’s been another incredible year in…

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