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  • Street food in Athens Why Athens City Guide

    Greek street gastronomy at the first Athens Street Food Festival

    An old and discarded depot was transformed into a cathedral of food at the inaugural debut of the Street Food Festival in Athens. Passionate street cooks and delicious food came together under one roof, filling the air with beautiful aromas from all corners of the globe including Asia, Africa, Latin America and of course Greece….

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  • Ai Weiwei Cycladic why athens city guide

    ‘Ai Weiwei at Cycladic’ unveiled in Athens

    Ai Weiwei has thoughtfully responded to the refugee crisis through his new body of work that was unveiled today at the Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA).

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  • Discover Greek Culture Why Athens

    Discover Greek culture

    Sophia Antoniadou and Alexandra Tiligada are quickly becoming the cultural gurus of Greece. Starting off as friends and eventually becoming business partners, they have successfully re-imagined the Greek travel experience with their award winning Discover Greek Culture tours. It began over a casual coffee at Starbucks, where the two decided it was time to broaden…

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  • Discover Greek Culture Tours Why Athens

    Discover Greek Culture tours

    What & Where: Unique, upscale cultural experiences of Athens
    Why Go: For access & exclusive high end services
    We Loved: Half day Athenian tours
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  • Olympic Flame Why Athens

    Highlights of the 2016 Olympic flame tour of Greece

    The Olympic flame completed a successful tour around Greece, covering more than 2000 kilometres before its final handover to the Brazilians at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the site of the first modern Olympic games. It began at the ancient temple of Hera in Olympia where 30 priestesses or ‘Caryatids Kores’ performed a series of…

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  • Olympic flame at ancient olympia why athens

    Apollo answers the call at ancient Olympia

    As the High Priestess called on Apollo, God of the sun to light the Olympic flame at ancient Olympia today, he responded whole heartedly, delivering a spirited flame that filled the cauldron almost immediately. The successful dress rehearsal laid a solid foundation for the official lighting ceremony tomorrow that also marks its 80th anniversary.

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